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IEEE EDL 金牌审稿人(2014, 2017,2018)

IWN 2016(Orlando , US)分会场主席


                                               2007-2013    香港科技大学     电子与计算机工程系   博士

                                               2003-2007    北京邮电大学     电子科学与技术          学士


                                               2017.9-至今    上海科技大学信息科学与技术学院    助理教授、研究员

                                               2014.9-2017.8   香港科技大学电子与计算机工程系    研究助理教授

      Dr. Xinbo Zou received his B.Eng degree in Electronic Science and Technology from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) in 2007. He received his Ph.D from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 2013 for developing high-performance green and yellow LEDs on Si substrates with nanotechnology. From 2014 to 2017, he was a Research Assistant Professor with the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering and a Junior Fellow in the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) of HKUST. His main research interests include characterization of III-N materials and devices, from thin-film to nano-scale devices. Dr. Zou has authored more than 40 scientific papers. In September, 2017, he joined the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) of ShanghaiTech University as a tenure-track assistant professor.

RF Engineer

郭好文(Owen Guo),2009年硕士毕业之后进入上海华为技术有限公司中射频与基站平台开发部工作近10年,分别从事过射频测试、系统测试和相关测试架构设计工作。2019年6月加入上海科技大学信息学院GaNology Lab。目前主要方向是基于片上测试平台,构建半导体器件的射频测试解决方案。

Owen Guo, worked for the department of IRF&Base Station, Shanghai Huawei Technology Co., Ltd, with a master’s degree in July 2009. He had been engaged in RF test, System test and designing the test architecture for almost 10 years, and then joined GaNology Lab, Shanghai University of science and technology in June 2019. His current work focuses on building RF test system based on probe station. 


顾怡恬(Yitian Gu),上海科技大学2018届本科毕业生,本科毕业后继续在上海科技大学进行研究生阶段的学习。研一期间修读完大部分课程后,于2019年7月加入GaNology Lab进行之后的科研道路。

Yitian Gu is graduated from Shanghaitech in 2018 as an undergraduate. After graduation, he continues his graduate career at Shanghaitech. As he finished most of his courses in the first year, he joined GaNology Lab for future research in July 2019.

陈嘉祥(Jiaxiang Chen), 本科毕业于兰州大学,目前研究兴趣主要是:GaN功率二极管及其瞬态特性和电力电子器件。

Jiaxiang Chen,9/2019-present, B.S Lanzhou University. Research interests: GaN power diode and device transient characteristics,power devices。

张羽(Yu Zhang)在2019年在南昌大学获得理学学士学位,在2019年作为上海科技大学访问生,同年进入上海科技大学。他获得了南昌大学优秀毕业生,在本科时完成了 一篇SCI论文。

Yu Zhang earned his bachelor of science from Nanchang University in 2019 and joined ShanghaiTech University as a visiting student in 2019 and joined ShanghaiTech University as a graduate student in 2019. He won the Outstanding graduate and finished an SCI paper at Nanchang University.

朱敏(Min Zhu)同学2019年4月加入GaNology实验室,同年七月获得了西安电子科技大学集成电路设计与集成系统专业本科学位。她的研究方向是GaN器件的仿真及测试等。

Min Zhu joined GaNology Lab in April 2019. And she received her of Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated Syste from Xidian University, in Summer 2019. Her research interests include GaN device simulation and testing.

宋文涵(Wenhan Song),上海科技大学2020届本科毕业生,本科毕业后继续在上海科技大学进行研究生阶段的学习。目前研究兴趣主要是GaN器件的工艺和测试等。

Wenhan Song, B.S Shanghaitech University. Research interests: process and testing of GaN devices.

徐梨花(Lihua Xu), 本科毕业于合肥工业大学,目前研究兴趣主要是:GaN功率器件的设计和测试分析。

Lihua Xu, 9/2020-present, B.S Hefei University of Technology. Research interests:design, testing and analysis of GaN power devices. 

杜春琳(Chunlin Du), 本科毕业于哈尔滨工业大学电子与信息工程系,于2020年9月加入GaNology实验室。

Chunlin Du, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, Department of electronics and information Engineering. He joined GaNology Lab in september 2020.

屈昊岚(Haolan Qu), 上海科技大学2021届本科毕业生,目前研究兴趣主要是:GaN功率器件。

Haolan Qu graduated from Shanghaitech in 2021 as an undergraduate. Research interests: GaN power devices.

周隽民(Junmin Zhou),上海科技大学本科毕业生。于2020年10月进入GaNology学习研究,目前的研究方向是射频电子器件。

Junmin Zhou, graduated from Shanghaitech University, joined GaNology lab to study radio frequency electronic device in October, 2020.

睢金(Jin Sui),本科毕业于西安电子科技大学,于2021年9月加入GaNology Lab。研究兴趣:GaN功率器件的性能测试及可靠性分析。

Jin Sui graduated from Xidian University with a bachelor's degree. She joined GaNology Lab in September 2021. Research interests : performance testing and reliability analysis of GaN power devices.


张玉良(Yuliang Zhang), 本科毕业于合肥工业大学,于2018年3月进入上海科技大学GaNology Lab开始学习和研究工作。他目前的研究方向为电力电子器件的设计、模拟和测试。

Yuliang Zhang received his bachelor degree in electronic science and technology from Hefei University of Technology in 2018. He started his study in GaNology lab, Shanghai University of science and technology in March 2018. His current research interest is design, simulation and testing of power electronic devices. 


王阳倩 (Yangqian Wang), 本科毕业于西安理工大学,以优异成绩通过研究生入学考试,将于2018年九月进入GaNology Lab 进行其研究生阶段的学习和训练。王阳倩研究生阶段将聚焦GaN 器件瞬态特性的测试和研究。

She graduated from xi 'an university of technology as an undergraduate and passed the postgraduate entrance examination with excellent performance. In September 2018, She entered GaNology Lab for postgraduate study and training. Yangqian Wang will focus on the testing and research of transient characteristics of GaN devices during her postgraduate study.


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